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Registration Procedure and Camp Information


All registration will take place at the Tournament Capital Center [TCC] and will begin at 8:15 am. When you arrive in the main lobby of the TCC you will be directed by one of the OLYNYK KLYNYK staff to the registration tables. The tables will be located at the entrance to the indoor courts of the TCC.

When registering you will receive the following:

  • Water Bottle – Water stations will be available in the TCC and TRU Gym

  • Camp t-shirt

  • Name tag

  • At the conclusion of the camp you will receive one of the camp basketballs to keep


What to bring to the camp:

  • A good pair of basketball court shoes

  • May want to pack a change of socks

  • Lunch for Tuesday – Thursday [lunch will be provided on Thursday at Noon to all campers]

  • Snacks for during the day


The Camp Day:

  • Each morning all campers meet on the courts at the TCC, courts are available at 8:15 am

  • The camp begins at 9:00 am each day, starting with warm-up

  • Lunch is approximately 12:25 am – 1:10 am

  • During lunch the campers have an opportunity to compete in 3-on-3 games vs Kelly and the other coaches in the "Pros vs Joes" games

  • There will be water/snack breaks during the morning and afternoon sessions

  • Camp concludes each day at 3:00 pm, please note camp will finish at 12:00pm on Friday, August 3rd. Campers will participate in games/competitions during the day and finish with a pizza lunch provided by the Klynyk.

  • Kelly addresses the full camp in the morning and again in the afternoon at close of the day

  • Wednesday evening is an additional special session for the “seniors” [those in grade 12] at the TCC, more information will be sent out to parents of those campers

  • We do not require a parent/guardian to sign out the campers at the end of the day but we do ask that they sign themselves out when they leave. If you would like to have us hold your child/camper until they are signed out by a parent or guardian please let us know so we can make note of that





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