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Update #2 - COVID-19 UPDATE

Hi Everyone, 

As of right now, the camp is set for August 21-23 at the TCC in Kamloops, BC. These dates are booked, but like most things right now they are subject to change as we figure out exactly how COVID-19 will affect our camp. Registration is not open right now but you will all be notified once it does open. If for some reason we do open registration and we are unable to follow through with the camp or the dates change, we will be offering refunds - more details will come on that if it becomes applicable. 


For now we are expecting to keep the same dates, but with the NBA suspension and the Olympics up in the air, Kelly's schedule is also in limbo right now. We appreciate your patience while we try and sort this out. 


Please keep an eye on our website, we will be posting updated information as we receive it. If there is no "new news" on the website then we probably don't have any more information for you, unfortunately. We will try to keep you all as up to date as possible. 


Until we know more, stay healthy and safe! Any questions or concerns, please follow up with us at


Thank you, 


Jesse Olynyk 

Klynyk Administration

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